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Draco: You were scared to go around Draco. He was in one of his horrible moods because of Harry Potter. You tried to stay away from him. Heck even Pugsy Puginson tried to stay away from him Read 60: You Get Injured Playing Quidditch from the story Harry Potter Preferences by _illiterate_ (trash) with 22,652 reads. dracomalfoy, georgeweasley, fredw..

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You were sick to your stomach and you couldn't tell if it was the fear of what Harry would say or the baby. You can tell me, Harry said gently. You looked down at the floor before bringing your hands up to rest on your stomach and forcing the words out of your mouth Draco: Draco walked in the potions classroom and you smiled at him. Hey darling. He said and kissed you. Draco i have to tell you something. You said and Draco sat down. I am pregnant. You said and looked for a reaction in Draco's eyes. Draco, say something please. you said and started to get scared Harry Potter Preferences/One Shots. its-a-secret. He finds out your dads abusive. It didn't belong their either.He's my dad FredYou whispered scared he could hear you.(y/n) I know when your scaredFred trailed off looking at you with era that could kill.Not directed at you but still as scary as hell and that's when it happened.You broke. Harry: It wasn't a shock that every girl had a crush on Harry Potter. You partially didn't like Romilda Vane. You didn't like the way she looked at him. Everyone at Hogwarts knew you and Harry were dating. One day you were walking with Hermione to the Great Hall. You were talking about the upcoming dinner party that Professor Slughorn was having

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Harry Potter harry potter preferences marauders era marauders preferences marauders imagines harry potter imagine. 151 notes. - Yes, you can, you're just scared of what might happen, she needs you, and you need her, but you acted, and excuse me for saying it, like a little cunt. You're not like your father, Daryl, and the difference. Harry: Harry? You approached Harry one evening while he was sitting on the sofa watching the TV. Yes Y/N, Harry answered, looking at you. Can we get a puppy? You asked, sitting beside him. Y/N, we already have 4 puppies and a dog. We can't have another one! Harry told you. You had bought a dog who then had a litter of pups, you refused to sell any of t.. Harry Potter: You sucked in a sharp breath, fear, anxiety, and grief rising up in you. Voldemort had you in his hands, his wand pointed at your temple. He stood before the crowd. One side of Death Eaters. The other of members of the Order of the Phoenix. He had just announced that Harry was dead

Harry isn't that smart with girls' feelings, he never knows what to do. He gets scared if he will mess up. So you've noticed that he constantly talks to Hermione, and over heard them once, talking about advice on girls. He just hasn't confronted you yet A/N: Sorry it took me so long to update! This was a super long chapter, and I didn't want to rush it. But I definitely hope you guys enjoy it, and don't worry there will be a makeup to follow it soon :) Harry Potter: You and Harry had spent most of the night talking. You guys had talked a little bit about everything, hopes, dreams, fears. I'm scared. Harry had said at one po.. Hellloooo, yeah I've moved from sarcastic summaries to Harry Potter preferences! also well, these will be mostly for girls, but you can read them if your a guy, I suppose! You laughed so loudly when he told you in vivid colours how scared he was. He of course had been shouting at Umbridge and was sent to McGonagall's office > Knowing you and Harry are going to spend the rest of your lives together is another reason to win the war > When the war was over, you and Harry get married > For your honeymoon, you rebuilt his home in Godric's Hollow to create the memories his parents weren't able to > Having three beautiful children: - James Sirius Potter - Remus Harry.

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He made his way over to you, lifting you up. Don't touch the glass [Y/N]. I'll clean it up, babeand I'm not mad.. He said quietly moving you away from the shards of glass on the ground, grabbing a broom in the process. UmI can clean it Harry.. You said from behind him and he shook his head, his hair moving a bit imaginingyourfandom. text post. preference masterlist. avengers: You're Scared Of Thunderstorms. Giving Them The Silent Treatment. Making Them Blush. They React To Your Death. Comforting You After You Have A Nightmare

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  1. e, so if you use them pls credit me, thx :)) Btw I tried to make them outfits that people would wear in the 90′s and outfits that I..
  2. Pairing: Harry Potter x Reader. Summary: Harry makes you go on a late night swim with him. Warnings: Suggestive smut at the end but nothing major. Word Count: 0,3k. Masterlist. Enjoy! It's not that cold, c'mon get in. Harry said as he swam around the lake. You placed your foot in once more before letting out a squeal. Keep readin
  3. Harry Potter Preferences. REQUEST FOR A PREFERENCE, IMAGINE OR SHIP!Preference: what characters you want it with & what you want it aboutOne shot/Imagine: who you want & what you want it aboutShip: short description about yourself INCLUDING your gender and what gender you are attracted to. Hope you enjoy
  4. PREFERENCES. avengers: You're Scared Of Thunderstorms. Giving Them The Silent Treatment. Making Them Blush. They React To Your Death. Comforting You After You Have A Nightmare. Saying 'I Love You' For The First Time
  5. Harry Potter * Harry's such a kind boy, really This shirt is 100% customizable, the character, relationship term and color can all change based on your preferences! I went with George Weasley because well- he's my bf lol. * He's so red you're scared he's going to pass out. * He covers his face with his hand

Email Preferences; Newsletters; Get a Sneak Peek of the Newest Ride in the Wizarding World— and Harry Potter Stars Tom Felton When you get scared you tend to laugh afterwards and it. Hey can you do an imagine with young remus? Maybe where he gets a nightmare where in his wolf form he hurts the reader but when he wakes up, she comforts him? thanks xo ~Anon Thank you so much for sending this request! This is the first Marauders Era imagine I've ever written, and I hope you like it as much as I did writing it! (P.S.: I wrote this in the middle of a really bad. Devil's Snare is a magical plant with the ability to constrict or strangle anything in its surrounding environment or something that happens to touch it.1 Devil's Snare does not seem to be common, but certain Herbologists have access to it.1 1 Description 2 History 2.1 1984-1985 school year 2.2.. But I'm the one they should be scared of. Not you, and not Mistah' J. ─ preferences. ♥︎ seeing you get hurt. good 4 u ─ harry j. potter. you're still painfully stuck on harry while he moves on with ginny, completely forgetting about what you had in the process. good for him

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preferences: cute things they do as a boyfriend harry potter. cause I really like you: y/n is meeting harry's parent's for the first time To scared to turn around or look down to see who was holding you hostage, you glanced at Harry, who had a man approaching him from behind. Before you could shout a warning, you heard a voice come. Preference #2: He's Jealous. Anonymous asks: Can you do a he gets jealous preference please? A/N: Very sorry this took so long, but I hope you like it!I also don't proofread my writing so I hope it's ok. And I realized that Ron's is very short, but I felt that it was the best way to show Ron's jealousy or I got kind of laz

THE QUEUE: For the first time ever, you will get to venture to the edge of the Forbidden Forest. Alan Gilmore, Art Director for the Harry Potter film series, joined Universal Orlando Resort in making this truly immersive and magical experience for all guests to enjoy We want you to look inward and explore new and interesting things about yourself. We want you to look outward and marvel at the world around you. We want you to laugh at past memories that helped shape the person you've become. We want to dream with you about all your future holds. Our hope is our quizzes and articles inspire you to do just that

But you're a witch, said Harry. I bet people don't pick on you because you can do nasty things to them with magic, and I can't. Ah, Lily raised a finger, with a knowledgable smirk. Other people don't know I'm a witch. SO I have to just let them know, in one look, that I don't get picked on easily. And you ARE magic, Harry Which of these Harry Potter guys would fall madly in love with you at first sight - Harry or Ron? Answer truthfully to see who would ask you to the Yule Ball! And get ready to possibly be surprised or even shocked, because these aren't the only choices you can get!:- Come on Harry, Hermione urged. You have to hand her over to the Aurors, so they can parrest her too. Bella's eyes widened and she looked even more scared at the thought of having to be in Azkaban again herself. Harry suddenly wondered what had turned this beautiful woman into an insane murderer. She could tell him

Oh, Merlin, thank you, thank you so much, sir. Harry interrupted. Listen a bit longer before you get all excited Harry. I am a busy man with both school and ministry affairs and will most likely be gone during the day. In that time you will do your summer homework and study different subjects that I will assign cause I really like you (harry potter x reader) pairing: harry potter x reader request: Could you do a story where the marauders are alive were it's a Harry x reader and they meet the reader and love her.But the reader is very sassy and ALWAYS roasts Harry when he's being the awkward little shit that he is so they are a bit taken aback Quotes tagged as revenge Showing 1-30 of 1,175. An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.. I don't want tea, said Clary, with muffled force. I want to find my mother 14. You get scared you might die whenever you eat something one day over its sell-by date. 15. You're still pretty terrified of Rumpelstiltskin and having to name your firstborn child after him. 16

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  1. Harrypotter Quotes. Quotes tagged as harrypotter Showing 1-13 of 13. Dear Ron, and Harry if you're there, I hope everything went all right and that Harry is okay and that you didn't do anything illegal to get him out, Ron, because that would get Harry into trouble, too. I've been really worried and if Harry is all right, will you please.
  2. A comprehensive database of more than 270 harry potter quizzes online, test your knowledge with harry potter quiz questions. Our online harry potter trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top harry potter quizzes. Page
  3. ation. Harry requested specifically to be spared that fate
  4. One Direction Preferences - He Forgets Your Anniversary - Wattpad. Saved by Kasey. 1. One Direction Preferences One Direction Imagines Harry Styles Imagines Imaginary Boyfriend Forget You Anniversary Wattpad Words Mlb
  5. Grief Quotes. Quotes tagged as grief Showing 1-30 of 4,299. Grief does not change you, Hazel. It reveals you.. ― John Green, The Fault in Our Stars. tags: change , grief , loss , revelation. 10134 likes. Like. I will not say: do not weep; for not all tears are an evil.

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Harry Potter Character Quiz Harry Potter House Quiz Slytherin Harry Potter Harry Potter Houses Harry Potter Memes Hufflepuff Pride Potter Facts Ravenclaw What's My Hogwarts House Dec 2, 2017 - Explore Kasey's board Harry Potter on Pinterest. See more ideas about dramione, harry potter, draco and hermione Quotes tagged as clever Showing 1-30 of 355. When you're at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on.. Clever as the Devil and twice as pretty.. The Doctor: Doctor Song, you've got that face on again

With Harry Potter and the Cursed Child , the Boy Who Lived has finally come to Broadway, bringing enchantment to a world that could really use a little magic right now. The show's savvy. Ian McKellen as Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series When Richard Harris died in 2002, Ian McKellen was approached to take on the role of Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series June 6. #6 06 June, 2021, 09:47 pm. As a magi, I prefer my green erks with the confused hex, please. You can ignore all others but those green ones are a big pain without confusion. Once I have defence, weaken on spiders don't matter. Playing as auror, I prefer giving the focus to the prof first and hexing the erks and weakening the werewolves. 1 Feb 23, 2018 - Explore Maddie Wade's board harry potter quizes on Pinterest. See more ideas about harry potter quiz, harry potter, potter The Harry Potter themed tour is a good fit for all the Harry Potter fans in the family, from about age 6 to 60+. My 14-year old friend and I are both big Harry Potter fans. However, I was a little hazier than my travel companion on details like the symbol of the Order of the Phoenix. Therefore, I appreciated our guide Evan's occasional reminders

This is up to date as of Tuesday December 20th. Be sure to check under every category for writes. For example not all writes involving Fred Weasley are under the Fred Weasley category, some are under Harry Potter preferences, some are under 'would include' section (which involves my posts that say 'dating fred weasley would involve'), and you get the point so please check all of. Harry Potter The Office Trending Peacock YOU SCARED ME! You'll get the chills just thinking about them. larryfitzmaurice If You Get 14/15 On This Trivia Quiz, You're A True Horror Nerd. Sep 11, 2020 - Explore Avagardner's board Harry potter life quiz on Pinterest. See more ideas about harry potter life quiz, harry potter, harry potter stories

Like most long-running series, the Harry Potter franchise enjoys a more expansive cast the further along it gets. The first movie, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, looks positively quaint and reserved as a result.The movie contains the core cast of characters we all grew to love, but it also leaves out many who would become big parts of the story in future installments When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures Harry Potter! echoing from down the hall. I don't want to get you in trouble. Harry nods, free to rise to his feet, and he wants to turn around, even if it's not allowed, but he doesn't. People were scared, they left everything in the hands of one man. But Dumbledore himself was scared to hurt the one he loved, and.

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  1. It's like he managed to lie by not lying. For example, when Harry's name is pulled out of the goblet and dumbledore calmly says DID YA PUT YA NAME IN THE GOBLETA FIYA HARRY! Barty Jr. Just came in saying exactly what he did. He also when harry was looking at his office didn't even lie about what was in the case, and just says, you won't believe me
  2. Welcome to r/HarryPotter, the place where fans from around the world can meet and discuss everything in the Harry Potter universe! Be sorted, earn house points, take classes with our fine Hogwarts staff, debate which actor portrayed Dumbledore the best, and finally get some closure for your Post-Potter Depression
  3. You never really had to go through with that feeling in your years at Hogwarts, at least not the crazy, sick feeling and especially not when you had Cedric to comfort you in those hard times. Cedric seemed to know you like the back of his hand and it amazed you
  4. Aug 27, 2017 - Animated gif uploaded by Sørine. Find images and videos about gif, hufflepuff and eddie redmayne on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love
  5. Personal Imagines: OPEN Preference requests: OPEN. hi! could i have an imagine where you're a hufflepuff, (not muggle born though haha) and you're insecure about that and just about yourself too and you get scared that draco will leave you for someone better but then he reassures you that he won't and that he loves you and i hope this makes sense just make it really fluffy and if you do.
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  1. g bad. Sirius tells him he's not a bad person, he's a very good person who bad things have happened to
  2. The bar is very low, but that's Harry Potter's birthday for you. 1. His 12th Birthday (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) If you're an optimist, you'll remember this as the Flying Car birthday; a pessimist might refer to it as the Dobby Drops a Cake on Uncle Vernon's Client and Almost Ruins Everything birthday
  3. I really love Dumbledore and Harry potter I just miss them so much. kiko on October 31, 2011: This is very well wtitten, am a big fan of harry potter and a have read the books ? dozen times each, and i know this quotes very well but you explained them beautifully :D. prongs on October 11, 2011: in this quot
  4. Crazy s--- happened to us as a family very young, Radcliffe said of his childhood Harry Potter days in a new episode of Off Camera with Sam Jones. During one scary incident in particular, the.
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Whether your child is just scared of broccoli or is totally fearful who has perfected her British accent thanks to the Harry Potter The experts work on color preferences in the same way. Hermione Jane Granger had been dreaming for at least a year about this kiss. Not kissing Harry per se, but more along what it would be like to get kissed by someone who was attracted to her, not intimidated or scared of her intellect and quite possibly even loved her. That the boy in question was Harry Potter was another thing entirely CHOOSE SOME PANTS. CHOOSE SOME PANTS. Under 21 years old. Under 21 years old. Based on your pants preferences... you must be under 21 years old! 23-26 years old. 23-26 years old. Based on your pants preferences... you must be 23-26 years old! 35-40 years old When you come - have this climax- and the sperm comes out that's called an orgasmAnd don't worry Draco, many things are normal. When you erm orgasm at night because of a dream that's a 'wet dream', and erm when you er have a preference for uhm specific things, that arouse you, it's called a kink. Draco was still shocked On June 20, 1975, Jaws opened in theaters and audiences collectively became scared to go in the water. The film won an extensive list of awards and has an incredible cast that features Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss, and Robert Shaw.But Shaw's character, in particular, a surly old seaman named Quint, provides some of the best lines in Jaws

About This Quiz. Every year, a few select students are accepted by Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where they must be sorted into one of the four houses, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin, based on traits that they possess as well as personal requests. These students must spend seven years going to class, taking part. Shirley Henderson on sexism, mental health and her new BBC drama. When Shirley Henderson won the part of a troubled middle-aged woman in new BBC drama The Nest, she had so much more than lines to. The Dark Side. Originally posted by harrypotterconfessions. Pairing: Draco Malfoy x reader Summary: Draco has a path to follow but that doesn't hurt any less when he walks he walks away from you, from your relationship, to the other side. Warnings: None Word Count: 0.3k As you walked Draco walk to the dark side, into Voldemort's arms, you could feel your heart shatter into a million pieces

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How you feel about all things Disney shines a big light on your personality, your hopes and your dreams. OK, maybe that's an exaggeration, but since a lot of the movies are geared towards kids, your reactions can totally guess how many kids you'll have. That's definitely not an exaggeration. Pick your favorite characters, Magic Kingdom rides. Alice, could you ever do something extraordinary? If you were scared or excited? he asked. Alice couldn't think of anything at the moment. You're a witch, Alice. What? Alice asked, offended. I'm not insulting you. You are a witch. Muggle born, but magic no less. he said. He pulled a letter out of his pocket and handed it to her

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Madam Dolores Jane Umbridge (b. 26 August, 1961 or earlier)2 was a half-blood1 witch and a British Ministry of Magic bureaucrat who served as Senior Undersecretary to the Minister for Magic under Ministers Cornelius Fudge, Rufus Scrimgeour, and Pius Thicknesse. In 1995 by order of the Ministry.. The Bell rang And you ran out of The classroom. (Y/n) wait up.. You turned your head a little to see Draco And didnt know what was going on in front of you. And bang. You Walked right in to a Guy. Im sorry i didnt look out!. You looked up And saw it was the famous Harry Potter who you just walked into The Harry Potter series: J.K. Rowling's seven-book chronicle of a boy wizard, his life at a British boarding school and his battle against the evil Lord Vol -- uh, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named -- has.