March 22, 2023

Collectives and activists in Taourirt province have called for taking advantage of the presence of Health and Social Affairs Minister Khaled Aita Taleb in the province during an expected visit next Monday to open a health center and see other centers in action. to protect the reality of the health sector and correct its defects.

A number of activists have posted on Facebook calling on elected representatives of the region to expand public health demands in the presence of the Regent Minister in light of what they describe as a “worrisome downturn”. on multiple levels.”

The province of Taourirt is suffering from pressure on its only regional hospital, according to Saeed Haji, one of the pro-health sector activists in Taourirt, stressing that the hospital’s capacity of 146 beds is insufficient for a province of its size.

Hadji added in an interview with Hespress that this pressure is also due to a shortage, which he called “terrible” in the number of doctors and nurses, forcing patients to go to hospitals in the city of Oujda, which is about 120 kilometers away. from Taurirt.

The same speaker focused on what he called “problems” with the transfer of emergency cases to the University Hospital in Oujda due to the long waiting period for labeling the process and the waiting period for permission to transfer from Oujda, “which could result in a person with a scorpion sting – for example – to death, ”- in his expression.

Residents of Taourirt district are striving to equip the regional hospital with the necessary medical and paramedical equipment, devices and consumables, such as those used in some of the examinations that many patients have to perform outside the hospital, in addition to the rehabilitation of four nearby health centers to reduce the burden on the regional hospital.

Saeed Haji mentioned that the health sector in the Taourirt district has been the subject of protests since 2010, noting that many years ago there was talk of establishing a new regional hospital, but this has not been done until today.

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