May 29, 2023

Fatima Al-Zahraa Al-Mansouri, Minister of National Territories Preparation, Urbanization, Housing and Urban Policy, said her ministry, in consultation with the Ministry of Economy and Finance, is in the process of issuing a decree on loading direct support, which includes ways and mechanisms to generate and support management, as well as target groups and conditions for providing support. A decision that will end the formula for financial support for the construction of social housing.

It is a decision, which Al-Mansouri reported in her response to a written question by Rashid Khamouni, leader of the Progress and Socialism Group, about the “prospects for issuing a decree regarding the conditions for granting a state subsidy for housing support,” that this will create a new dynamic for the process of acquiring housing and providing the same new one for a sector that has been affected by the effects of the Corona pandemic since 2020, as well as the termination of contracting under the social housing program.

The Minister for National Preparation of the Territories, Buildings, Housing and Urban Policy said that her ministry is actively working to support housing development and develop policies and programs aimed at facilitating access to housing for all segments of society.

As part of the participatory approach, the actual launch of the national dialogue on reconstruction and housing was given on September 16 last year at the national level, and on the 21st of the same month, the Ministry held meetings at the level of various regions of the Kingdom, which provided a real opportunity for discussion, discussion and collective mobilization for all actors and actors in the sector from To think, innovate and update in the field of reconstruction and housing, with the aim of creating new housing programs and a housing offer that takes into account social, economic and spatial requirements, seeking to improve targeting, improve social mixing, rationalize territorial distribution, and improve quality and project management.

In her response, Al-Mansouri explained that in order to galvanize the outcomes of the National Dialogue on Housing and Housing and in view of the new development model under the Draft Finance Law for 2023, in connection with the completion of activities related to the new vision, which concerns the support purchasing power of families in coordination with the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

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