May 29, 2023
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Hesport – Mohamed FankarFriday, March 17, 2023 – 13:38

The Arbitration Board, in its weekly assessment of the work of referees in professional championship matches, showed that most of the decisions were correct.

The management confirmed the legality of the penalty Nabil Barkia awarded to Nahdet Berkana in the Wydad Athletic Club match on round 19 after the ball touched the hand of player Ayub Al-Amoud, as video referees helped to announce, by virtue of the fact that the hand unnaturally increased body, and that the defender wasn’t playing the ball. If that were the case, I wouldn’t count.

The match between the two teams ended with a score of three goals each and sparked major protests due to arbitration from both sides.

In the same round, the Directory considered successful the decision of Samir Al-Qazaz not to assign a penalty to Raja in front of the young man Muhammadiyah, resorting to a “mouse” technique.

In the match of the twentieth round, Hassania Agadir met with Raja Athletic on the grounds of the Adrar Stadium. The management confirmed that referee Dhaki Al-Raddad managed to avoid awarding a penalty to the Casablanca team after the correct intervention of the Hassania defender, just as the sending off of Jamal Harkas was the correct interference without ball.

In connection with the same session, the management clarified that the penalty awarded to Ittihad Tangiers in the Vidad match was legal after the ball touched the hand of the defender of the red team.

Wydad Athletic Club Professional Championship, Nahdet Berkane

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