March 22, 2023

The minister-delegate in charge of parliamentary relations, government spokesman Mustafa Paytas, said on Thursday that as the government began work on social protection seminars, “one of its concerns was how to keep the funds stable. which will finance social protection programs by controlling the cost and prices of medicines”, profit margins, etc.

The Supreme Accounting Council found that pharmacists have a profit margin of 57 percent on average when selling drugs, many times the profit margin of their counterparts in countries close to Morocco.

To this end, Paytas continues, in response to journalists’ questions after the government council a few months ago, the government conducted a study based on a new approach in the light of the observations of the Supreme Accounting Council and the experience of the group. countries that have “very useful” systems at the educational level to manage this file indicating that this plan cannot be loaded due to lack of a professional address.

The Minister emphasized the need to organize elections for two district pharmacy councils in pharmacies in the north and south, to determine the addressee on behalf of the industry, explaining that the draft Decree-Law no. Because the elections were not organized on time.

He added: “This situation is understandable during the pandemic, but now the government must take a number of decisions, including approving today the draft decree-law that the government has been working on for some time,” noting that the purpose of this draft decree-law is to “organize elections”, identify an addressee who, together with the government, is responsible for managing the industry, and start a joint dialogue.

A gathering of pharmacists’ syndicates in Morocco on Thursday condemned the results of the Supreme Accounting Council’s report, deeming its content “superficial” and stressing that pharmacists’ profits do not exceed 33 percent instead of the percentages presented by the aforementioned council.

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