March 25, 2023

Today, Saturday, the press reported that the Brazilian Dani Alves, a former Barcelona defender, decided to go on a hunger strike in prison because of his wife’s decision.

And the British newspaper The Sun confirmed that Brazilian international Dani Alves decided to go on a hunger strike in a prison in Barcelona after his wife Joana Sanz decided to leave him because he was accused of rape. girl in a nightclub in Barcelona.

And the Spaniard visited Dani Alves in February last year, amid news of her divorce request, then she visited him recently and published a handwritten letter announcing her separation from him.

And the Spanish channel Cotroa confirmed that Dani Alves, according to his sources from prison, is “completely devastated and very nervous” after Joana (29) told him that she wanted to end their marriage and that there were days when he didn’t eat anything.

And Joanna deleted most of her photos with Elvis from her Instagram account after his previous admission that he had sex with a girl with her consent, and this came after his complete denial that he knew her.

The wife of Brazilian player Dani Alves has broken her silence and announced her breakup with him in a touching message days after she visited her rape-accused husband in the Spanish city of Barcelona, ​​Celestial News reports.

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