March 24, 2023

The Democratic Confederation of Labor said, commenting on the recent organization of partial elections for the House of Councilors, that the commitment and responsibility of its candidates allowed it to receive honest votes, but condemned this election, which “was not free from repeating the same methods and violations affecting its authority.”

The syndicate called for a “revision of the electoral laws governing professional elections” after leaving it empty-handed.

In another context, the Syndicate condemned the wave of high prices, noting that “the social crisis is deepening in parallel with the systematic restriction of rights and freedoms.”

And with regard to the authorities’ ban on regional protest marches, which the trade union had previously called for on February 19, the latter condemned, after a meeting of its executive apparatus today, Wednesday, the ban and repression to which it was subjected in all regions. , showing that the country is currently experiencing a backlash against human rights and the systematic curtailment of the stock of freedoms that have accumulated due to the struggle of its democratic forces.

The CDT union said that the dire social situation, the continued wave of high prices, the deterioration in the purchasing power of Moroccans and the widening cycle of poverty and social exclusion will not be solved with a safety approach or what it described. as “patchwork solutions”. Rather, according to the Syndicate of Zaire, it requires structural treatment through public policies with social priorities and concrete measures. To increase revenues, comply with the social obligations of the government, institutionalize social dialogue at all levels, resolve social conflicts, respect trade union freedoms and be sure to break with all forms of corruption, rent and privileges, fight monopoly and speculation.

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