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Godzilla vs. Kong delivers exactly what the title promises. The film, fourth in Warner Bros. and Legendary's Monsterverse of kaiju movies that began with 2014's Godzilla and 2017's. Godzilla vs. Kong is a crowd-pleasing, smash-'em-up monster flick and a straight-up action picture par excellence. It is a fairy tale and a science-fiction exploration film, a Western, a pro wrestling extravaganza, a conspiracy thriller, a Frankenstein movie, a heartwarming drama about animals and their human pals, and, in spots, a voluptuously wacky spectacle that plays as if the creation.

Parents need to know that Godzilla vs. Kong -- the follow-up to both 2014's Godzilla and 2019's Godzilla: King of the Monsters-- is a sci-fi/fantasy movie about the age-old battle between two of the world's biggest titans.Like the previous films, it's full of explosive, over-the-top action violence, including fights, destruction, and nuclear blasts Legends collide in Godzilla vs. Kong as these mythic adversaries meet in a spectacular battle for the ages, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance. Kong and his protectors undertake a. Almost 60 years after they rumbled in a pretty awful 1962 movie -- featuring guys in monster suits destroying tiny models -- Godzilla vs. Kong reunite with all the wonders that modern special.

The Movie. Godzilla vs. Kong was a 2021 film that continues the MonsterVerse franchise, which was created by Legendary Pictures in collaboration with TOHO, Co. Ltd. — who created the character Godzilla in the classic 1954 original film. This is the fourth film so far in that new franchise that started with the remake of. REVIEW: 'Godzilla Vs. Kong' Is Absolutely Terrible. Godzilla vs. Kong is a terrible movie. After months and months of nonstop hype and incredible opening box office numbers, I fired up the movie Sunday night on HBO Max, and I couldn't believe how uninterested I was from start to finish Review: In 'Godzilla vs. Kong,' the big monsters brawl. And the audience actually wins. Why any of this has to happen, except maybe to level the playing field (Godzilla's radiation-beam. 'Godzilla vs. Kong': Film Review. Alexander Skarsgård, Millie Bobby Brown, Rebecca Hall and Brian Tyree Henry head the cast in this epic smackdown between two monster-movie legends, both of.

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  1. Godzilla vs. Kong is now available to rent or buy on digital platforms, with the 4K and Blu-ray disc home release following on June 15. Deliberately less gritty than previous entries in the.
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  4. Review. Godzilla vs. Kong is a film that has fascinated me since its announcement. It's a direct sequel to Godzilla: King of the Monsters, which bombed at the box office in 2019.It was also being directed by Adam Wingard, a filmmaker who I very much enjoy who has produced two critically acclaimed indie-horror films (You're Next, The Guest) and two critically reviled blockbusters (2016's.
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  6. Some spoilers ahead... but, it's finally here! Godzilla versus Kong!! Kong versus Godzilla!! Giant ape vs giant lizard. Who will win?? Here's my thoughts on.
  7. Godzilla vs Kong review - duelling monsters make for one hell of a show. The last two months of rabid meme-spawning ridicule aimed at the absurdity of Godzilla vs Kong's very existence had prepped us all for a punchline rather than an actual movie, something to poke fun at rather than have fun with. It wasn't just because of its.

Blu-ray Review: Godzilla vs. Kong. Godzilla vs. Kong had the promise to restore Legendary Picture's MonsterVerse to its full glory. And by full glory, we're speaking of the good-but-not-great Kong: Skull Island (2017). Quality is a very relative term with this series. This whole Godzilla revival started off pretty shaky with the 2014 reboot. Godzilla vs. Kong: (Tom Holkenborg) In Japan, there have been countless films depicting the famed Godzilla versus something, with that something including every conceivable bizarre creature except for Donald J. Trump.(Give it time.) The 2021 movie Godzilla vs. Kong represents the first of these massive, dedicated kaiju face-offs from Hollywood, serving as a direct sequel to 2017's Kong. Combat is flashy and creative, with callbacks to the earlier 1962 film mentioned in this review. The movie ends on a happy note, which was a nice change of pace to take my mind of the issues that kept me from movie theaters for the past year. And for that, I thank the makers of Godzilla vs. Kong: you done good Movie Review: Godzilla vs. Kong - Toho Kingdom. I'll be honest, Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) left me disappointed and apathetic toward the future of the MonsterVerse. As a result, I didn't have a lot of enthusiasm for Godzilla vs. Kong (2021). To be fair, when the trailer hit I was definitely energized, but I had also thought the.

Godzilla vs. Kong was shot digitally using Arri Alexa 65 and Arri Alexa mini cameras, with resolutions of 3.4K and 6.5K, and ultimately finished as a 4K DI from which this UHD is sourced. The disc presents a native 3840 x 2160p resolution image with widescreen 2.39:1 aspect ratio, and uses 10-bit video depth, High Dynamic Range, a Wide Colour. Godzilla vs. Kong is a close relative to those sequels. It's better, I guess, at staging the big fights. These battles aren't murky and disorienting like King of the Monsters', nor do they cheap out on length like the Kong picture. We get long, involving, fun action scenes Godzilla vs. Kong was shot in 6.5K, uses a 4K DI, and arrives on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray in a 2.39:1 HEVC 2160p (4K UHD) encodement with Dolby Vision HDR compatible with HDR10. This is a very solid, reference quality 4K disc all around. Detail is crisp and depth of field is nearly three dimensional. The Dolby Vision on my LG CX OLED provides lots. Despite kicking off with Godzilla and the mystery of why the former good-guy Titan is tearing up corporate strongholds, Godzilla vs. Kong is far more invested in Kong's role in this world. Godzilla vs Kong Review. Godzilla vs. Kong is a jaw-dropping spectacle about these two legendry monsters tossing each other through buildings and bonking each other with giant axes and atomic blasts. How can you not love that? It's big, silly, and action-packed fun brought to life with some of the best CGI works in the business

Godzilla vs Kong isn't only terrible. It's infuriating. It is, effectively, what naive American audiences think Godzilla is, whether from viewing butchered, oft-mocked dubs on Mystery Science Theater or a subconscious voice wishing to bury a historical truth. The original King Kong vs Godzilla was a simply plotted light comedy, satirizing a. Godzilla vs. Kong, directed by Adam Wingard, is the fourth episode in a franchise, called the MonsterVerse, engineered from fossilized B-movie DNA. As such, it assembles an impressive human. Read our full Godzilla vs Kong review for more. Video. Other than an occasional bursts of noise (with only average encoding parameters), this true 4K source produces superb clarity. Digital cinematography finds detail galore. Textural qualities impress throughout, as does the resolution

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Godzilla vs Kong Review: Down But Not Out For the Count. Kong puts on his game face and gets back in the ring - regardless of his chances of winning. Now what makes Godzilla vs. Kong awesome are moments like the one in the photo above above. There is a certain kind of scene that packs a wallop regardless of whether audiences are reasonably. The following review was written by Ultimate Rabbit correspondent, Tony Farinella. In the interest of full-disclosure, Godzilla vs. Kong is not usually the type of film I'm known to seek out. While I try to keep an open mind about every film, which I believe is one of the most vital parts of being a film critic, there are certain genres that are not my cup of tea Godzilla Vs Kong. Review. The inter-governmental organisation Monarch, along with the shady Apex corporation, attempts to transport King Kong back to his home. But when the giant ape encounters. 'Godzilla vs. Kong' Review: You'll Want to See This Titan Throwdown on the Biggest Screen Possible The two title monsters don't have much brains between them, but they make up for it in brawn

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Movie Review. You may think you know about those super-sized beasties that go by the names King Kong and Godzilla. I mean, Kong is this gigantic gorilla that grew up on an ancient, hidden-away island, right? And Godzilla is an enormous scaley prehistoric sea monster that was brought forth from the depths of the ocean by misguided hydrogen bomb. REVIEW: Godzilla deserved better than GODZILLA VS. KONG. When you see a movie like Godzilla vs. Kong, you don't really expect to walk away thinking one of them was a definitive winner or loser. You expect lots of larger-than-life battles as humans scramble to avoid being crushed like ants, near-death knockouts, and something resembling a tie.

Godzilla vs. Kong Review; Reviews Godzilla vs. Kong Review. Godzilla vs. Kong is the shortest and most gleefully destructive of the MonsterVerse movies. Take from that what you will Godzilla vs. Kong is a fun-filled entertaining action-monster schlock of a film. The effects work is well done and the story is good enough with the human elements thankfully taking a backseat to the two monsters, however the finale can be overbearing watching CGI characters fighting one another and falling into CGI buildings

This is apparently the heavyweight match fans have been waiting for, and Godzilla vs. Kong comes at the right time for global moviegoers. 'Godzilla Vs. Kong' Review: The Feel-Good Movie Of A. Godzilla vs. Kong Review: Big Fights, Little Brains In Godzilla vs. Kong, a giant lizard and a giant ape fight--and that's the best thing we can say about it. By Michael Rougeau on March 29, 2021. (Godzilla vs. Kong, out now on HBO Max, is the fourth film in Legendary Entertainment's MonsterVerse franchise, co-produced and distributed by Warner Bros., though the plots are all so. Godzilla vs. Kong hits theaters March 31, 2021 and will be available to stream on HBO Max the same day. The film is 113 minutes long and is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of creature violence/destruction and brief language. Let us know what you thought of the film in the comments

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  1. GODZILLA VS. KONG is pretty much just a spectacular slugfest, but it provides lots of big screen thrills, and the heart of the movie is Kong's touching friendship with a little deaf girl who can talk to him using sign language. The movie opens in the jungle enclosure where the scientists who discovered King Kong are keeping tabs on Kong
  2. Godzilla Vs. Kong Movie Review: Critics Rating: 3.5 stars, click to give your rating/review,Delivers on its promise as a massive monster clash and adrenaline-driven movie lovers will be visua
  3. Mecha-Godzilla and how that design came to be. The last three featurettes focus on the primary fight sequences. With top-notch audio and visual transfers, GODZILLA VS KONG delivers a monster-sized home video release that is a must-own for fans. On June 15, GODZILLA VS. KONG will be available on 4K, Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD
  4. Back in March, far too many fans of the King of the Monsters and the Big Ape didn't have the opportunity to experience their epic brawl, Godzilla Vs.Kong on IMAX (or any traditional theater, really) because of the COVID-19 pandemic.Most, if not everyone I knew in Los Angeles, avoided the big screens unless it was a drive-in. Fortunately, the fourth film in Legendary Pictures' MonsterVerse.
  5. Godzilla vs. Kong review - a spectacular battle of beasts. Ancient enemies slug it out in a movie that's light on plot but vastly superior to its prequel. Watch a trailer for Godzilla vs Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong delivers exactly what the title promises. The film, fourth in Warner Bros. and Legendary's Monsterverse of kaiju movies that began with 2014's Godzilla and 2017's Kong: Skull Island, pits the two giant monsters against each other for the first time since the Japanese-produced King Kong vs. Godzilla in 1962.That one-off battle retained enough of a Godzilla-sized. Review: Godzilla vs. Kong. Film Critic Tom Smith-Wrinch enjoys the beastly bust-ups of the otherwise lacklustre Godzilla vs Kong. Tom Smith Wrinch. I read better then I write. Published at 10:30 on 11 May 2021. Images by Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures To that end, Godzilla vs. Kong delivers. In fact, the final 30 minutes or so, in which our titular titans go mano a mano in the middle of neon lit Hong Kong, is a spectacular visual feast with. As a sequel, Godzilla vs Kong is an astounding devolution of its series that borders on parody and invites ridicule. It sprints through plot and dialogue like it's offended at the suggestion it needs them, and throws only the most basic of foundations together. To be offended at this would be to miss the point

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Geek Review: Godzilla vs. Kong. Sherwin Loh. March 24, 2021. 7 min read. When the 2014's Godzilla reboot was first announced, the hype and anticipation, and a little trepidation, was overwhelming. Sci-fi and monster fans needed something fresh to bleach everyone's collective memories of the horrendous 1998 version that basically tore things. Godzilla and Kong have battled on the big screen before in 1962's King Kong vs Godzilla, but it's fair to say that effects have moved on a long way since then.The battles crafted by director Adam. Cinema Godzilla vs. Kong Japan movie movie review release date. About Don Morton. Don Morton has viewed some 6,000 movies, frequently awake. A bachelor and avid cyclist, he currently divides his time between Tokyo and a high-tech 4WD super-camper somewhere in North America. Previous All in all, Godzilla vs Kong is the McDonalds of movies. It is filled with sugar and fat, is easy to consume, and you feel shameful for doing so afterward. The confusing science babble won't even faze you if you enjoy soulless CGI monster battles. Because you won't find much else on offer here. 2017's King Kong: Skull Island had mixed.

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  1. 1.7k. 48 comments. Continue browsing in r/GODZILLA. r/GODZILLA. Welcome to /r/GODZILLA, a place to admire the King of the Monsters and his many foes! If you haven't already, please read through the rules located on the sidebar. For Mobile users you can find them on the top right of the app (3 dots) under Community Info
  2. Godzilla vs. Kong was captured digitally in the ARRIRAW codec (at 3.4 and 6.5K) using Arri Alexa Mini and Arri Alexa 65 cameras (with a variety of Arri, Panavision, and Cooke lenses) and it was finished as a native 4K Digital Intermediate at the 2.39:1 aspect ratio. For its release on Ultra HD, the film was graded for high dynamic range (HDR10.
  3. 'Godzilla vs. Kong' Film Review: Larger-Than-Life Opponents Clash in a Smaller-Than-Life Story Alonso Duralde 3/29/2021 Lordstown Motors Slumps Most Ever on CEO Exit, Misstatement
  4. If Cloverfield was the shaky, mock-doc answer to a kaiju movie, then Godzilla vs. Kong is its glossy, gleefully artificial antithesis: a fantasy brawl where nearly every shot looks mythic
  5. Directed by Adam Wingard, Godzilla vs. Kong is an action-adventure kaiju monster movie. A sequel to both Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla: King of the Monsters, the film premiered on HBO Max and in theaters due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It received moderate to positive reviews. 1962's King Kong vs. Godzilla was a big deal as a kid. The movie and the battle of two of my favorite characters was.
  6. Pro: Godzilla vs. Kong (+10pts) It is a good thing that in a movie called Godzilla vs. Kong, one of the movie's strengths was the feud between Godzilla and Kong.Godzilla was a guardian of mankind in the two Godzilla movies, so him attacking mankind gave this movie a sense of mystery

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review Godzilla vs. kong Running time: 113 minutes. Rated PG-13 (intense sequences of creature violence/destruction and brief language). I was a bit concerned at the start of the new one, though GODZILLA VS. KONG is pretty much just a spectacular slugfest, but it provides lots of big screen thrills, and the heart of the movie is Kong's touching friendship with a little deaf girl who can. Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)Directed by Adam Wingard Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller PG-13 1h 53mGodzilla Vs. Kong roared into theaters this past weekend as the long-awaited match-up between the two legendary beasts. The film had lizard-punching action and jaw-dropping spectacle to spare, but it left me wondering: is this the movie we need rig. Kong vs. Godzilla tosses all that out to give us something called Hollow Earth, the overheated idea that in the middle of Earth there is a wondrous land where monsters live. If that's not overheated enough, Kong is the king of Hollow Earth, where he literally sits on a throne and holds a glowing ax that shines with an energy source Corporate.

'Godzilla vs. Kong' finds Godzilla and King Kong finally battling it out. Our thoughts on the epic film, which hit theaters and HBO Max on March 31, 2021 Surely Godzilla Vs. Kong falls on the higher end of our beaten-down expectations for movies like this. The original Gojira, from 1954, was a pointed, anti-nuclear testing allegory starring a. Godzilla vs Kong Review: A Gleefully Big, Dumb Brawl. Anyone who was disappointed in any way by Gareth Edwards' 2014 Godzilla will be happy to know that Adam Wingard's Godzilla vs. Kong does.

The case of Godzilla vs. Kong was heard in theaters a few months ago, and now the verdict has been rendered in this 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray release, which is accompanied by a Blu-ray disc and a. Godzilla vs King Kong The most awaited rematch between the two most loved beasts in the history of cinema A fearsome battle of epic proportions A visual treat going to unravelled on the 26th of March 2021 Haha! I can't wait for this movie!! The..

Godzilla vs. Kong is a marked improvement - in nearly every way - over the muddy and languid King of the Monsters. Wingard sharply lifts the clear and concise punchiness of his action-horror films - namely from You're Next and The Guest - and expertly applies it to scaled-up kaiju brawls; contrasted with its much-maligned predecessor. *Warning: This article contains spoilers for Godzilla vs. Kong* In May 2014, my 16-year old self sat down to watch Gareth Edwards' Godzilla on opening night in a sold-out IMAX 3-D theater.The reaction to the film's incredible climax, after constantly teasing at the upcoming presence of the film's titular character, was unlike anything I'd ever experienced on the big screen before Godzilla vs. Kong is the most fun I have had while watching a movie of Monster-Verse, and it perfectly sets up and concludes things, depending on how one chooses to look at it. Godzilla vs. Kong Movie Critical Reception. Godzilla vs. Kong stands at a solid 88% on Rotten Tomatoes. Its IMDB score is at 7.9. The Movie Culture Synopsi

Godzilla vs. Kong movie reviews and ratings - Tribute.ca rating of 3.23 out of 5 Stars 6/10 Godzilla vs. Kong delivers epic titan mayhem as promised. Unfortunately, it is all weighed down by a laughable script and a slew of weak and underdeveloped humans taking most of the screen time. In search of his home, Kong is found at odds with an enraged Godzilla, which ultimately leads to an adventure t As someone who has become a fan of the monsterverse, Godzilla vs. Kong(2021) took a familiar approach from the last one, Godzilla: King of The Monsters(2019), surprising many fans and critics with amazing monster versus monster battles. As the story presses forth, however, it began to feel like a over exaggerated and corny film. The..

Godzilla vs Kong, Warner Bros and Legendary's Monsterverse film, smashes together the titular monster icons. But as fun as the action can be, its highs are few and far between sluggish human. Godzilla vs. Kong Directed by: Adam Wingard Runtime: 113 minutes. As someone who is a fan of the 'OG' Godzilla films and the many, many, many updates to the Godzilla universe since its inception, I just had to see the new Godzilla Vs Kong.I had a few predictions going into the film: one, of course, that there would be enough CGI to make my eyes bleed; two, a few WWE fight moves would be. Godzilla vs. Kong may deliver on the promise of its title with some jaw-dropping battles, but whenever the Titans aren't on screen, it devolves into a jumbled, borderline unwatchable bore of a movie Godzilla vs. Kong, directed by Adam Wingard, is all wheezy momentum, racing from location to location and plot point to plot point with the sort of strenuous indifference that becomes quickly exhausting. The film begins with Kong wandering around a Truman Show -like enclosure on Skull Island, where he's watched over by scientist Ilene Andrews. Godzilla vs. Kong. Review : Welcome Back to The Movies! Well, that wasn't very intellectual, the middle-aged cinemagoer muttered as he exited rear theatre after a showing of Warner's latest monsterverse effort. You'd think the absence of Daniel Day Lewis's name on the credit block of the Godzilla vs. Kong might've tipped.

Godzilla vs. Kong delivers on the promise of a major collision between two famous titans and has the non-stop action that is a staple of this shared movie universe The Two Kings. When a blockbuster movie comes out, conventional wisdom says that there will be a movie tie-in game not far behind. With Godzilla Vs.Kong: Alliance, this seems to be exactly the case.There seems to be some respect toward the basic design of these iconic monsters Godzilla vs. Kong, the only creature feature to dare wide release in some time, is a rock 'em-sock 'em monster-movie revival with all the requisite explosions, inane plot twists and. The Inverse Review. Godzilla vs. Kong is a colossally dumb spectacle. Ever since Godzilla in 2014, Godzilla vs. Kong will be streaming on HBO Max (and in theaters) on March 31. So if you want.

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Godzilla vs Kong: The final verdict: This film, given its set of merits, has earned its 3.5/5 stars. Its main contributors are its sci-fi and drama aspect. The film could have earned an additional 1/2 star had it given its audience visuals of more Kaijus than what they had already shown through trailers and TV spots Whether its the result of editing after test screenings or was the plan all along, Godzilla vs. Kong understands that no one is watching this movie for the human subplots anymore and therefore it. Godzilla Vs. Kong serves as a respite from the last four years of forcefully political blockbusters.Sure, there's no harm in a big-budget popcorn movie having something on its mind, especially. Godzilla vs. Kong review: Kaiju greatness that lives up to its absurd title Two beasts enter. Two beasts fight. And audiences finally have reasons to roar. Sam Machkovech - Mar 31, 2021 12:09 pm UTC

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Review: In 'Godzilla vs. Kong,' the big monsters brawl. And the audience actually wins. Godzilla battles Kong in Warner Bros. Pictures' and Legendary Pictures' action adventure Godzilla. T he classic animated short Bambi Meets Godzilla, from 1969, already derided the absurd size-ratio concept of Godzilla vs. [King] Kong. This latest monster-movie extravaganza requires such. @Tom Davies tagline for the review is a pastiche of the lyrics from BOC's Godzilla Oh no, Kong has got to go / go go Godzilla! / Oh no, he's jumping on a boat / go go Godzilla! Vs. BOC's: Oh, no, they say he's got to go / Go! Go! Godzilla / Oh, no, there goes Tokyo / Go! Go! Godzilla ETA: Buck Dharma is 73, and Eric Bloom is now 76 Godzilla vs Kong is the culmination of Legendary's Monsterverse, which started back in 2014 with Gareth Edwards' brilliantly atmospheric Godzilla.And with the arrival of Kong in 2017's Skull.

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