March 25, 2023

A meeting of pharmacists’ unions in Morocco on Thursday denounced a report by the Supreme Court of Accounts on the “obscene profits” made by professionals in the sector, which it says average 57 percent per drug.

Mohamed Lahbabi, head of the Confederation of Pharmacists’ Syndicates in Morocco, said during a media meeting in Rabat that the Supreme Court of Accounts’ approach in this case was “superficial”, warning of “hidden hands” seeking to create confusion between pharmacists and citizens behind the findings released The Accounts Chamber, referring to the “inability of responsible persons to assess the economic situation of pharmacists.”

The spokesman stressed that “the pharmacist’s profit does not exceed the legal limit, i.e. 33.93 percent, for each medicine priced below AED 299.”

The same spokesman explained that a pharmacist in a Western country earns a fixed profit of 29.7 percent on medicines priced under AED 588, while he earns a fixed profit of AED 400 on all medicines sold for AED 40,000. dirhams, or 1 percent. .

Lahbabi denounced the comparisons made by the Supreme Accounting Council with a number of countries regarding the rate of return, stressing that the board “ignored the logic of the complex rate of return adopted in these countries”, as compensation received by pharmacists for dispensing drugs, the right to replace medicine, and statements are not taken into account.

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