March 22, 2023

Abdel-Ilah ibn Kiran, a former prime minister, has revealed disturbing details about the appointment of ministers in his government.

Pointing out in his first reply to what was said in the statement of the Royal Court that it was he who proposed to King Mohammed VI that Nasser Burita be appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The Bijidi leader said in his speech at the opening of the eighth conference of the National Union of Labor in Morocco: “I am the one who proposed Burita for the post of foreign minister to our lord in the government that I headed. , and Ahannuch was also a minister in this government.” These are statements made by Ibn Kiran in the wake of the political whirlwind caused by the report of the General Secretariat of Al Bijidi, and the latter’s leadership seized on its “right” to criticize the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nasser Burit, the first official reaction of this party to the royal reprimand on Monday due to for his positions on Burita’s statements about the country’s relations with Israel.

Ibn Kiran emphasized that his party has the right to warn the minister if he leans to the right or left and is not taken into account, whereas we have the right to tell him that he will harm our country and our king.

In addition, Ibn Kiran said in 2012, after the first meeting of his government council, which took place after the ratification of the 2011 constitution, when he answered a question about the presence of five ministers not associated with political organizations in his government: “We ourselves proposed them, and he chose them based on his competencies.

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