March 23, 2023

Prince Abdullah bin Musayed, the former head of the General Directorate of Sports, named the 5 best players in the history of Saudi football.

And he said in a radio interview on the UFM program presented by Ahmed Afifi that without an agreement “Majid Abdullah, then Sami Al Jaber, Muhammad Al Deai, Youssef Nasser Al Thunayan and the fifth could be Muhammad Noor, pointing out that he did not watch the performance of Said Gorab.

He emphasized that he has 5 criteria for choosing the best player: the number of years of playing, individual abilities, team play, achievements with the club and the national team.

On the other hand, Prince bin Musayed explained that he knew the secret behind expelling player Mohamed Nour from the national team, even though he deserved to play in the ranks of the national team, adding, “But I can’t talk about it now.” .

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