March 23, 2023
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Hespress from RabatFriday, March 17, 2023 – 08:12

The Ministry of National Education, Primary Education and Sports stated that “civil society associations are mandated to lead the integrated primary education departments in public educational institutions through a partnership between them and the regional education and training academies through the issuance of a manual. for procedures defining the obligations of each party and the conditions for providing financial support to these associations.

The ministry added in a written response to a question submitted by parliamentary representative Hassan Omribet on behalf of the Progress and Socialism group that “the ministerial memorandum was issued in order to respect the rights of nannies and caregivers by the active associations, especially guaranteeing a minimum wage and complying with the obligations contained in the agreements about partnerships, linking associations”. Code, and declaring them in the National Social Security Fund, and other rights established in favor of employees.

In its response, the ministry warned that “private elementary schools are schools that are subject to private law in their dealings with their employees, including nannies and tutors.”

According to the same document, Article 10 of Law no. contracts and collective agreements concluded between the owners of institutions, users or their representatives.

The ministry emphasized that “they are working with the case of nannies and educators in accordance with the developments of the Legislative Framework No. 51.17 concerning the system of education, training and research, in coordination with all interested sectors, partners and stakeholders.”

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