May 24, 2023

Uday Shajari, a member of the Progress and Socialism parliamentary group, called on the government to exempt ambulances owned by associations from paying fines for violations committed by their drivers.

In a written question addressed to the Minister of Transport and Logistics, he criticized the registration of violations regarding this type of ambulance, especially since the people who drive them are mostly volunteers with knowledge and experience in the field of ambulance and emergency intervention.

And he conveyed the suffering of this category of volunteer drivers, due to “registration of violations of traffic rules in relation to them, when performing ambulance trips, which sometimes require them to be granted the privilege of the right of way that gives them traffic rules”, while “they are asked to pay penalties and deduct points.

He recalled the exceptions provided for in the Road Traffic Code for violations committed while using the road, such as always giving priority to ambulances, civil protection vehicles, national security vehicles and the royal gendarmerie, as well as giving way to them during the provision of assistance and ambulance, as well as during emergency security measures.

He also mentioned what ambulances do when treating the injured or patients who are quickly transported to hospitals in an emergency.

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