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  1. Jeffree Star is more than just an internet star. Some smart investments and a great work ethic has helped him make a fortune. By Michael Normandin Published Sep 16, 2018 You may not be entirely familiar with Jeffree Star as of yet, but he's one of the biggest names on YouTube and the beauty market
  2. When it comes to money, Jeffree Star makes his cash mainly from YouTube ads and his makeup line. At YouTube, he now has over 18 million subscribers and rakes in an estimated $4,000 a day, just from YouTube Ads. For those who are bad at math, that means he makes $1.5 million a year, if not more, just from YouTube
  3. Jeffree Star (born Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr.; November 15, 1985) is an American makeup artist, entrepreneur, singer-songwriter, DJ, beauty YouTuber, model, and Internet celebrity. He is the founder and owner of Jeffree Star Cosmetics. In November 2014, he founded the company Jeffree Star Cosmetics, which he promoted on his YouTube channel

How Did Jeffree Star Get His Money? For those old enough to remember, Jeffree had his big start on MySpace being the most followed person (behind the creator Tom). During this time, Jeffree released multiple songs which gained much attention which allowed him to go on tour around the world to adoring fans Celebrity Net Worth reports Jeffree Star's net worth to be a jaw-dropping $200 million. In addition to cash from his lucrative makeup line, that figure includes an estimated YouTube income of $1. How does Jeffree Star make money online? Jeffree Star is a make-up artist, singer, YouTuber, and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, USA. Jeffree Star on YouTube; He started his journey by sharing fashion tips and blogs about life on MySpace. Jeffree then moved to YouTube where he creates make-up tutorials and shares fashion tips

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How did Jeffree Star get rich? In 2014, Jeffree launched his eponymous beauty line and it was an instant success. But that is not the only way Jeffree makes his money. According to the social media celeb, he is involved in multiple businesses, including cannabis and real estate. I love investing, I'm a businessman, he explained On top of that, Jeffree is a whole beauty influencer (he once shared that a brand offered him $165k to use their product) and is the founder, owner, and CEO of his flourishing namesake brand.. Investigating life behind-the-scenes at his make-up company Jeffree Star Cosmetics, the second episode in the series saw Shane grill the star on just how much his beauty business was raking in

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How did Jeffrey Epstein make his money? Here's what we know. It's understood these days that Jeffrey Epstein was a massively wealthy millionaire. (Yes, millionaire, reports say it's unlikely his net worth put him into billionaire status.) However, when asked what Epstein did for a living or how he made that money most people won't have. Jeffree Star Cosmetics As mentioned before, Star makes a pretty penny from his namesake line of cosmetics. He reportedly makes up to $7.2 million per product launch. In 2017, YouTuber David Dobrik did us all a solid and straight-up asked the guru how much he earns

Jeffree Star's net worth is estimated at $20.0 million in 2018, according to sources. Advertisement. While growing up, Star's dream career besides makeup and fashion was to be a musician. So, he moved to Los Angeles after he graduated from high school in hopes of making it big. Advertisement Jeffree also shared numerous photos of him and his boo at his mansion on Instagram Stories, but has yet to personally share his boyfriend's name. Inside Jeffree Star's $4 Million Mansion Gallery. In November 2014, Star founded the company Jeffree Star Cosmetics. In 2018, Forbes revealed that he had earned $18 million from his YouTube endeavors alone, making him the fifth-highest-paid YouTuber that year Jeffree's channel became popular largely due to his eyebrow-raising makeup reviews, with each video bringing in thousands of dollars. One of Jeffree's most-watched pieces of content is the music.. In 2014, Star founded his e-commerce makeup brand Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Jeffree Star Cosmetics became a worldwide makeup brand and his success on YouTube was just getting bigger. He has gained over 9 million subscribers and over 1 billion views as of 2018

When it comes to money, Jeffree Star makes his cash mainly from YouTube ads and his makeup line. At YouTube, he now has over 18 million subscribers and rakes in an estimated $4,000 a day, just from YouTube Ads. For those who are bad at math, that means he makes $1.5 million a year, if not more, just from YouTube.May 1, 202 How Much Money Will Shane Dawson Actually Make From His Make-up Deal With Jeffree Star?Subscribe To InformOverload: http://bit.ly/2xB5CqAMore iO Vids https..

Jeffree Star's net worth has come through his cosmetics company, an eponymously named company - Jeffree Star Cosmetics. The cosmetics company has turned out to be his most successful venture, with the YouTuber estimated to be making as much as $7.2 million per product launch. Aside from YouTube and his cosmetics company, Jeffree Star. Jeffree Star is a 34-year-old American YouTube star and make-up mogul. He originally made his money peddling his music and merchandise on his MySpace account. 5 Jeffree is a cosmetics boss Credit:.. One look at Jeffree Star's lavish lifestyle will clue you in as to why fans began to surmise that Nathan might be more motivated by his love for money than his love for Jeffree. Nathan's rapid transition from small-town resident to LA millionaire made fans suspicious that he might have ulterior motives for dating Jeffree Jeffree Star Claims Someone Tried to Extort Him For Money. After several weeks spent feuding with his new boyfriend's ex-girlfriends and addressing rumors about his relationship, Jeffree Star is.

Jeffree Star money victim: Jeffree Star has been accused of allegedly paying a sexual assault victim of his $45,000 in hush money Makeup mogul Jeffree Star is one of YouTube's biggest celebrities. Vibrantly androgynous, with cotton-candy wigs and head-to-toe tattoos, he has leveraged his penchant for stirring internet drama into a multimillion-dollar cosmetics brand and amassed 40 million social-media followers, many of them teenagers

Jeffree Star a model, a fashion designer, a beauty icon, a singer, songwriter, performer, and make-up artist with a global following and is worth around $20 million After discovering his new-found passion for makeup at the age of 13, Jeffree knew that by all means, he needed to pursue fashion and beauty once he grew up. Doing just that, Star graduated from school and worked at makeup counters, and even lent his quirky beauty tips to music videos and fashion editorials Jeffree Star House -. The model and make up guru currently lives in Calabasas California. He enjoys spending his money and wealth on extravagant things, so it's no surprise the his house costs.

As of December 1, 2020, Jeffrey Star had a net worth of $250 million. Much of his wealth comes from his decorated career as a make-up artist, fashion designer, and YouTube personality. In a 2018 interview with fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson, Star claimed to be earning upwards of $100 million annually from his Jeffree Star Cosmetics brand alone — Jeffree Star (@JeffreeStar) December 17, 2018 Let's sit on that for a sec. What that means is that Jeffree Star could potentially make more money trying a new product than it would take many. 2020 was certainly an eventful year for Jeffree Star. His make-up line Jeffree Star Cosmetics released a few palettes, he was exposed for accusations of racism, blackmailing, and manipulation, was canceled by the internet for what seems like the millionth time now, and now he's just purchased a brand new home in Wyoming While makeup mogul and YouTuber Jeffree Star has been involved in plenty of his own drama this year, his followers know that there's nothing more dramatic on his channel than the videos he makes to debut his new collections.. On Nov. 7, Jeffree revealed to his followers in an elaborate, 23-minute video all of the new products in his Blood Money palette launch

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  1. utes after his e-commerce shop went live with one product, a lipstick, every single item sold out
  2. And as Forbes wrote in a 2010 blog post with a very direct title — Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein Is Not a Billionaire — his money-management firm based in the U.S. Virgin Islands.
  3. Jeffree Star being cancelled is nothing new in YouTube history, but what happened this time? The YouTuber responded to his cancellation in the only way a YouTuber knows how— a YouTube video
  4. Star owns his own cosmetics line Jeffree Star Cosmetics Credit: Getty Images How much money has Star made off YouTube? In 2020, Forbes reported that Star is among the top ten highest paid YouTube stars. After getting his start as a musician on MySpace, Star moved over to YouTube where he found success doing make-up tutorials
  5. Jeffree Star Biography Jeffree Star was born on November 15, 1985, in Orange County, California. In the early ages of Star His father died. From then his mother took care of him. At the age of 10 Star began regularly experimenting with his mother's makeup. After completing his high school, Star moved to Los Angeles to pursue his higher studies
  6. Jeffrey star is one of the biggest influencers of our time and it's no doubt that he's changed a lot since the early days. If you're a real fan, you remember his launch into fame through Myspace and his music career. It was in the era of the scene Kid. Fast forward to 2020 and Jeffrey's makeup reviewer on YouTube has a super successful brand, Jeffree star cosmetics, and it's just at the top of.

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His favorite food might be Dominos. Jeffree has quite a sweet tooth. He adores sweets and has stashes of sweets all over his house. Jeffree Star doesn't drink alcohol, but he uses weed daily to calm his anxiety. He doesn't use other drugs. His zodiac sign is Scorpio. He did make up for Kim and Kylie Kardashian. Jeffree Star has asthma Jeffree Star returned to the internet after a four-week hiatus with a 10-minute apology video. He vaguely apologized to James Charles for all the drama over the past year and claimed he was taking accountability for his actions and reflecting on his own behavior. The video, called Doing What's Right , was Star's chance to face up to many. Jeffree Star Cosmetics. In 2014, Jeffree launched his own make-up range Jeffree Star Cosmetics. On his website, Jeffree explains how he's been obsessed with make-up since he discovered it at the age of 13. During his career he has worked on make-up counters, music videos, celebrities and fashion editorials (to name a few)

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Jeffree Star and his new boyfriend Andre Marhold Credit: Twitter Who is Jeffree Star? Jeffree Star is a 34-year-old American YouTube star and make-up mogul. He originally made his money peddling his music and merchandise on his MySpace account. 5. Jeffree is a cosmetics boss Credit: YouTube Jeffree Star has agreed to pay you $10,000 if you choose to do the same. This other accuser didn't want the hush money and gave the outlet access to the messages Jeffree is a 34-year-old American YouTube star and make-up mogul. He originally made his money from his MySpace account. In November 2014, he founded the company Jeffree Star Cosmetics Get real youtube, it's a photoshoot about a makeup palette, literally everyone who's old enough to have enough money to buy this palette ($52) is old enough to have seen whatever is in this Jeffree Star photoshoot. We'll see if the flag gets removed soon. Stay tuned!!! For any other soap opera and entertainment news, please visit Daily. The couple did a Q&A session on Jeffree's YouTube page and revealed that Nathan was actually the first one to make a move sending Jeffree a DM on IG. According to Your Tango , for several months they texted and called, and finally, Nathan flew out to Los Angeles to meet Jeffree for the first time

Did Jeffree Star Undergo Plastic Surgery? Jeffree Star is an American Singer-songwriter, makeup artist and fashion designer. He rose to fame using MySpace. Star is considered one of the greatest social media celebrities. At one point he had over 500,000 friends. Amazingly, he did it before Facebook became popular. But his appearance forms polarising opinions Sat, Jul 11, 2020. Jeffree Star canceled amid Shane Dawson feud; internet thinks 'It's about time'. Morphe Cosmetics has recently taken steps towards ending, not only their connections to. The CFO of Jeffree Star Cosmetics used corporate funds to pay off someone that Jeffree Star sexually assaulted over a decade ago. I don't know if that tells you anything about his money situation or if it's even legal to begin with. But yeah, apparently that poor guy's silence was worth only $45,000 to that POS Jeffree. Sickening 21 Dramatic Photos Of Jeffree Star Before He Was A YouTuber. If you weren't on Myspace, you're not going to recognize him. If you grew up in the days before YouTubers, you knew Jeffree Star not as.

SEE ALSO: FANS ARE CANCELLING SHANE DAWSON AND JEFFREE STAR FOR GOOD NOW BECAUSE OF THE TRUTH COMING OUT Shane Denied His Time In The Beauty Community Was Motivated By Money . Shane continued his apology by saying that the beauty community is obsessed with looks, money, power, fame, screenshots and subtweets Shop Jeffree Star Cosmetics on Beautylish! From the mind of Jeffree Star comes a makeup line full of over-the-top hues and covetable textures. As fearlessly glamorous as their creator, Jeffree Star Cosmetics are designed to inspire all beauty lovers to take risks, have fun, and be proud of who they are Jeffree Star is the proud owner of many luxurious cars. He owns a total of 9 cars. Most of them are in his favorite color pink but he also has blue, white, and silver rides in his car fleet. Read below to find out what cars exactly he owns, how important they are to him, and how he could afford such luxury Jeffree Star took to Instagram to call out his boyfriend, basketball player Andre Malhold, of stealing. Because of racist actions, people are having trouble sympathizing for the makeup mogul. They especially have no sympathy after an investigative piece just exposed Star's history of sexual and physical assault His latest series, The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star, was built as a look inside the beauty world. However, it has felt pretty boring, since it was mostly documenting business meetings. The meetings were for Dawson and Star's new palette, on sale today. The whole series has felt like one long commercial rather than a documentary

Jeffree Star has responded to rampant rumors and comments accusing him of faking or exaggerating the impact of a recent car crash. Many of those making the accusations suggested it could be in order to publicize his latest product line which is cannabis-themed and launches on April 20, the unofficial holiday of weed enthusiasts For 10 years, Jeffree Star and Kat Von D were best friends. Kat even did many of Jeffree's tattoos before they unfortunately split. Kat Von D accused Jeffree of stealing art for his Jeffree Star Cosmetics logo and tweeted that she would be removing the shade Jeffree from her lipstick line -Jeffree accuses his new boyfriend of stealing and posts stories to IG/Snap about it-the other day, Insider published an article of Jeffree Star threatening a homeless boy with a taser in 2009 then forcing him to have oral with him after giving him Ambien. There are three other victims as well. He allegedly paid everyone hush money By 2014, after having gained a bigger reputation as a makeup artist, Jeffree Star used his life savings to found his e-commerce makeup brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics. To promote the brand that would later become a multi-million dollar company, he began uploading videos to his YouTube page where he immediately became popular, acquiring more than. Jeffree Star, a 34-year-old makeup artist, entrepreneur, and prolific YouTuber with 16.6 million subscribers, must know this routine by heart. Once a musician and club bunny running around LA in the early aughts, he launched Jeffree Star Cosmetics in 2014 and is now successful, controversial, and rich. In 2018, Star made $18 million from his.

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  1. He also did a collaboration with YouTuber Shane Dawson through Jeffree Star Cosmetics, which debuted in October 2019. In a docuseries filmed by Shane, Jeffree said they could make $35 million off.
  2. Jeffree makes more income through being a professional make up artist and selling products from her cosmetics brand called Jeffree Star Cosmetics which is able to sell out millions of units in just a few days. He has earned most of his money outside YouTube over a long period of time
  3. Oct 2, 2020 ; AceShowbiz - Despite all the split drama on social media, it appears Jeffree Star and Andre Marhold have never been dating in the first place. The basketball player spilled all the.
  4. Star dropped a trailer on his YouTube channel Saturday for his all-green palette Blood Money. In the photoshoot for his latest Jeffree Star Cosmetics collection, the beauty guru, who is known to.

#10 | Jeffree Star Earnings: $15 million Total Views (from June 2019 to June 2020): 600 million Total Subscribers: 16.9 million The beauty star has been caught up in controversy. His self. Many have been speculating that makeup artist and Youtuber Jefree star and his boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt, two don't have a real relationship and that Schwandt is only 'gay' with Star for his money

As Insider reported on Jan. 6, 2021, Star — who has been accused in the past of engaging in toxic, self-promotional behavior for the sake of monetizing his brand — did nothing to quell the. The YouTuber responded to his cancellation in the only way a YouTuber knows how— a YouTube video. Jeffree posted a video titled: I got CANCELLED againso I had a $200,000 shopping spree.

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  1. g a well-known glam rock music artist on MySpace in the 2000s; he even collaborated with rap sensation Nicki Minaj on the song Lollipop Luxury. From music, he made the risky gamble into beauty entrepreneurship and has now made a name for himself as one of the top beauty influencers on YouTube
  2. Jeffree Star. Morphe Cosmetics has severed ties with beauty influencer Jeffree Star. The makeup brand announced on Friday that they will be professionally parting ways with the YouTube star, 34.
  3. 1. Star Revealed That All the Pictures of His Mother on the Internet Are a 'Lie'. Play. Video Video related to 'laurie' steininger, jeffree star's mom: 5 fast facts you need to know 2018.

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The Real Reason Kat Von D Started A Feud With Jeffree Star. Tattoo artist and entrepreneur Kat Von D took to social media in July 2016 to publicly demolish her longtime friendship with makeup. The report also suggests that Jeffree Star may have used legal tactics and hush money offers of USD $10 000 to encourage alleged victims to recant their stories to the publication (several did. Suddenly, Twitter users began to claim that Kanye West had been caught having an affair with YouTuber/beauty guru Jeffree Star. While the chaotic events of January 6 obviously overshadowed. More About Jeffree Star. Jeffree Star was born in Los Angeles on November 15, 1985. After his father committed suicide, his mother raised him alone. Star was already experimenting with makeup when he was in junior high school. After he had graduated from high school, he had various jobs in music, modeming, and makeup

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In his own words, Jeffree Star is now set for life, so it's no surprise he and his ubiquitous entourage of assistants and bodyguards are looking to explore new residential playgrounds. This time, the controversial MySpace celebrity-turned-top dog YouTuber and cosmetics mogul is leaving the Lamborghinis and McLarens to hibernate in their Hidden Hills garage, instead shipping his trusty. Jeffree Star took to Twitter over the weekend giving away cash straight to fans with a massive giveaway of $35,000 going to one lucky follower The star did hint at the big money he gets paid from his channel as he claimed he gave one punter $100,000 (£79,000) from his own bank account in a non-sponsored post. More: Youtub Oct 13, 2020. Makeup guru Jeffree Star is now saying that the claims made about him by his ex-boyfriend, Andre Marhold, were false. The pair had a bitter public breakup with Jeffree accusing Andre of stealing from him via social media. Andre then responded, and accused Jeffree of calling him racist names and paying him $10,000 to pretend to be. Jeffree Star and make-up artist Manny Gutierrez attends as Marc Jacobs celebrates #MarcTheNight on November 17, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Marc Ja (L)cobs) (Getty Images) Pop Dust reported how Jeffree was also controversially engaged in another incident

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Jeffree Star recently took to her Instagram and alleged her new boyfriend of stealing luxury items from his house and that he is ignoring all his calls. Getting robbed by your significant other may be one of the most hurtful things people go through and it looks like Jeffree Star has also caught his boyfriend in the same act Jeffree Was Accused Of Lying About His 2019 Robbery. Star made headlines in 2019 when he revealed that his warehouse had been robbed of $2.5 million worth of products. But when an alleged police report surfaced online one year later and it seemingly showed a different amount of money that he lost, fans accused him of lying about it

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Jeffree then promptly reminded Kat that the 'Jeffree' liquid lipstick was still for sale on her website, insinuating that she was still making money off the 'Jeffree Star' name. The 'Jeffree' liquid lipstick was still available for online purchase at Sephora up until a couple of months ago, despite Kat Von D wanting Sephora to take it down Jeffree Star is coming for Kylie JennerAGAIN! As we reported, on Friday on Instagram, the Life of Kylie star posted a sexy clip where she got NAKED to promote the second drop of her Kylie Skin.

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Jeffree Star accusers say the makeup mogul has a history of sexual assault, physical violence, and hush-money offers. Jeffree Star's makeup empire isn't what it used to be, with videos that don't hit 1 million views and makeup in TJ Maxx. Jeffree Star's sexual-assault accuser was paid $45,000 by a Jeffree Star Cosmetics executive, leaked. Jeffree Star's Net Worth. Jeffree has earned a hefty amount of money from his long career as a musician, makeup artist and not to forget Youtuber. His Cosmetics became a worldwide makeup brand and his success on YouTube is just getting bigger. Nowadays Star focuses on his makeup line along with other business ventures Jeffree Star was rushed to hospital after being involved in a 'severe' car accident, when his brand new Rolls Royce flipped multiple times after hitting black ice on the road

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YouTube personality Jeffree Star claims that new boyfriend Andre Marhold has robbed him and hasn't returned any of his calls. In a screenshot captured by Hip Magazine on Wednesday, 34-year-old. Jeffree Star is an American makeup artist, YouTuber, singer, songwriter, fashion designer, actor, model, DJ, and entrepreneur who is the founder and owner of Jeffree Star Cosmetics and Killer Merch.According to Forbes, he was the 5th-highest-paid YouTube star as of December 2018 and has appeared on projects including The Secret World of Jeffree Star, What Now, Shane and Friends, The Dish With. YouTuber MrBeast's tree-planting campaign reached its goal of raising $20 million. Here's the list of prominent people who have donated, including Elon Musk, Jeffree Star, and even the CEO of. there was a random rumor going around that kanye hit jeffree star. but the kardashians claimed the rumor ( x isn't true ). jeffree addressed it as aunt wendy was reporting it today on her show. i would like to know jeffree. give us a hint at least. so here's the thing . including folks they don't like

But Jeffree Star's past is on images and videos all over the internet and every year someone brings them to public attention again (imho for their personal gains). Jeffree Star has apologized for the things he said or did in his past and tries to move on with becoming a good person and to make his dreams (and those of other people) come true. Jeffree Start net worth is estimately around $75 Million. Everybody knows Jeffree Star. He is famous singer. But we are curious of about his wealth and history related with the Money. Name and Surname:Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr. Birthday: 15 November 1985 Jeffree Star is known, loved, and hated for his brutally honest makeup reviews, but it seems Kylie Jenner is entirely over the beauty influencer dragging the Kylie Cosmetics products he doesn't like Star told PopSugar, I will be recording my own video with the truth. I will not be responding to any media outlets so you can all feed off of negativity and make money off of our pain and miss. Why the Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star YouTube series is a big deal. At the start of the month, a makeup launch broke the internet and sold out of over a million products in under an hour. Alex. 17 April 2021. 17 April 2021. Jeffree Star took to Twitter today to share news that he and his friend, Daniel Lucas, have been involved in a car crash in Wyoming, USA, which resulted in both of.