March 25, 2023

Hespress – Abdel Ilah SheblSaturday, March 18, 2023 – 9:00 pm

Fuel sector specialists warn of a proliferation of illegal intermediaries following the dismantling of a network in the eastern region that processes fuel and resells it at some stations.

Station owners affiliated with the National League of Petrol Station Owners in Morocco have denounced the spread of the phenomenon as it forces intermediaries to double their profits while station owners’ profits remain limited.
The aforementioned university recorded that the activities of these intermediaries caused great losses to the owners of the stations, not to mention its impact on the national economy and the treasury of the state, which does not receive anything from this, since it is outside taxes.

Djamel Zrekom, president of the National University of Owners, Sellers and Operators of Petrol Stations in Morocco, explained that this phenomenon has increased significantly given that some of the distribution companies have resorted to direct sales to individuals and companies at preferential prices and without any restrictions. fees or licenses.

Zureim pointed out that this issue has contributed to the emergence of a parallel market that promotes a large amount of fuel of all kinds outside the official channels that are legally allowed for sale and distribution.

The same spokesman indicated in a statement to Hespress that they had been working as professionals to correspond with the guardianship authorities regarding the spread of the phenomenon of intermediaries and intruders who operate on the black market for consumed fuel in Morocco, stressing that this would lead to great losses and serious damage to the national economy due to the number of transactions that are traded outside the economic cycle.

The National University of Petrol Station Owners, Sellers and Operators in Morocco praised the campaigns launched by various security agencies to combat the sale of fuel outside of petrol stations and called for their continuation to reach different regions that are aware of the spread of this phenomenon.

Black market intermediary gas stations

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