May 29, 2023
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Hespress from RabatFriday, March 17, 2023 – 03:49 PM

Philip Morris Morocco, a subsidiary of Philip Morris International, announced that it has received the Equal Pay Certificate for the second consecutive year.

A statement obtained by Hespress stated that “this certificate, issued by the Equal Pay Foundation, which is an independent non-commercial organization, certifies that Philip Morris Morocco rewards its employees equally for the same work, and Philip Morris Morris Morocco was the first Moroccan company to receive this certification.

Jalal Brahimi, CEO of Philip Morris Morocco, said: “We are delighted that Philip Morris Morocco has been awarded the Equal Pay Certificate for the second consecutive year, demonstrating our continued commitment to equal opportunities for men. and women.”

He added: “We are convinced that equal pay is a prerequisite for a fair and equitable work environment, as it values ​​diversity and allows all employees to reach their full potential; Therefore, we are determined to continue to work hard to maintain our excellence in this area and support the global effort to reduce gender disparities.”

The statement stated that “the equal pay certification mechanism is a mechanism that requires a quantitative and qualitative audit to assess the extent to which equal pay principles are followed and how employees obtain them, in addition to human resource policies and practices. it is necessary to improve and support efforts aimed at reducing the pay gap between women and men within the company.”

In this regard, Lamia Nasuh, director of human resources and culture of the company, said: “We are delighted to once again receive this certificate, which confirms our ongoing commitment to achieve parity between employees, fairness and honesty in our company.” : “At Philip Morris Morocco, we believe that diversity is a source of strength for us, and we strive to implement human resource policies and practices that are based on the principles of equity and equity in relation to our human capital. ”

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