March 25, 2023
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The King Faisal Prize will hold a ceremony next Monday in Riyadh for the winners of its forty-fifth session this year, including Moroccan Abdel Fattah Kilito, under the auspices of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.

Previously, the secretariat of the award announced the winners of the forty-fifth session of 2023, as the award for service to Islam was jointly awarded to Korean Choi Yong Kil and Emirati Sheikh Nasser Abdullah Al-Zaabi, while the award in Islamic studies was awarded to Briton Robert Hillenbrand; And the Moroccan Abdel Fattah Quilito was awarded the Arabic Language and Literature Prize.

As for the award in the field of medicine, it was jointly awarded to the American Deng Hong Burok and the British Sarah Katherine Gilbert. The Science Prize was jointly won by the Americans Jackie Ye-Ro Ying and Chad Alexander Mirkin.

The General Secretariat of the Prize stated that the door for nominations for the forty-sixth session of 2024 in the five branches of the Prize is open until the end of March this month, which is the last date for accepting nominations.

The topics of this session were identified in the Islamic Studies Prize on the topic “Islamic systems and their contemporary applications”, the Arabic Language and Literature Prizes on the topic “Efforts of institutions outside the Arab world to spread the Arabic language”, the Medicine Prize on the topic “Treatment of Peripheral Disorders” and scientific award in the field of “Science. life”. With regard to the Service to Islam Award, it is an award given to those who play a pioneering role in serving Islam and Muslims intellectually, scientifically and socially through actions, activities, programs and projects that have an impact on the world. Muslim community.

The General Secretariat provided information about the nomination and all its conditions through the website of the award.

It is noteworthy that the King Faisal Prize was first awarded in 1979, and more than 290 scientists from 45 countries have received it, and a number of its laureates have subsequently received prestigious international awards.

Riyadh King Faisal Abdel Fattah Quilito Award

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