May 25, 2023

The Ministry of Relations with Parliament intends to organize the first national civil society forum on “collective employment” on May 5 and 6 in the Casablanca-Settat region.

According to the statement of the ministry, this forum is being held as part of the implementation of the new strategy in the field of relations with civil society “Nasij” for 2022-2026 and the preparation of the ministry to organize nationwide forums on topical issues of great importance. for the development of civil society.

Mustafa Paytas, Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister in charge of Parliamentary Relations and Government Spokesperson, brought together representatives of relevant government sectors at his ministry’s headquarters in Rabat today, Wednesday, to coordinate preparations for the event.

He said: “This forum will be organized in a new format, through two spaces, the first of which will be dedicated to dialogue and consultation, as well as expanding the range of discussion of the main topics and areas that can develop collective employment. in Marocco.”

While the second will be “a space for direct meetings and communication and narrowing the information gap between civil society associations and all institutional actors at the national and international levels that support the programs of the associations.”

It is noteworthy that the Nasij strategy of the Ministry was prepared with the participation of the public sector and civil actors from civil society associations and coalitions and was approved by the Government Council in mid-April.

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