March 22, 2023
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Hesport – Mohamed FankarThursday, March 16, 2023 – 4:15 pm

Spain’s Moroccan international Chadi Riyad, Barcelona’s Spanish player, expressed his pride at being invited by national voter Walid Rekraghi to play in the friendly matches between Peru and Brazil later this month.

In statements to the Barcelona Channel, Riad said he was very proud to fulfill the dream he had since childhood, as he felt that he belonged to Morocco since childhood, which made him make a quick decision.

The Moroccan defender confirmed that he lived with his family in the last “World Cup” with the national team, and wholeheartedly cheered the “Atlas Lions” for the victory, which was achieved by a historic achievement.

He said: “I feel proud and privileged to fulfill a dream that has haunted me since childhood. I feel like I belong to Morocco since childhood. I lived through the World Cup with great passion as my family and I followed Morocco with great tension and we all hoped that the Lions would win. I’m very proud of what we achieved at the World Cup.”

Regragui called a group of young players to Peru and Brazil on March 25 and 28, including Riyadh (19), Ayub Al-Amrawi (18), the trio of Ibrahim Salah, Yasin Kishto and Benjamin Bouchauari (21), as well as Abdel Kabir Abkar (24 years old).

And Riyad joined Al Barça in 2019 from Real Mallorca, knowing that he was in the position of central defender and plays for the reserves of Barcelona, ​​while being called up from time to time at the behest of coach Xavi. Hernandez.

Moroccan team Barcelona, ​​Spaniard Chadi Riyadh

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