May 24, 2023

Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo has praised the Saudi league, predicting it will become one of the best leagues in the world in a few years.

Ronaldo said at a press conference today, Wednesday: “I am very happy, the atmosphere is special. Everything is different, the energy is positive and now we have a coach with different ideas and a different mentality.”

Ronaldo added: “The atmosphere used to be good, but now it’s much fresher. I’m not saying the atmosphere is better or worse, but the atmosphere is new.”

And Don continued: “We only practiced once, but all the players have different energy. For example: everyone is waiting to be in the starting line-up tomorrow, it wasn’t always like this before.”

And about the Spaniard Roberto Martinez, who took on the task of coaching the national team, Ronaldo explained: “I have a close connection with the culture of the country of Spain, I have friends there. The coach has a different energy, changes are needed in life. Portugal needed this. mentality, Portugal will be more of an attacking team.”

He praised the Saudi league: “I am surprised by football in Saudi Arabia, but in a good way. Foreign players have other qualities. If they continue like this, in 6 or 7 years it will be the fifth most competitive league in the world.”

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