March 22, 2023
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Hespress – Jamal AzdudThursday, March 16, 2023 – 09:11

Labor shortages in the hotel, hotel, café and restaurant sector in Andalusia, Spain, have given rise to the idea of ​​replicating the “circular migration” of Moroccan agricultural workers who travel seasonally to the Iberian country to work in the red fruit harvest.

The Spanish newspaper El Mundo reported that the Spanish government had received a request from the head of the employers’ association in the hotels of Cadiz (Andalusia) to organize the employment of seasonal workers from Morocco under the same system as agricultural workers. in the hotel sector to cover the deficit, especially in connection with the approach of the spring holidays and the summer season.Tourist.

Industry professionals have warned of a repeat of the challenges they faced last year due to a lack of trained candidates to fill vacant positions, highlighting the continuing shortage of customer service staff this year, especially waiters.

The head of the Cadiz Hotel Employers’ Federation, Antonio de Maria, said they had already established contacts with some Moroccan authorities, “who welcomed the idea,” as he put it.

“We are exploring the possibility of getting students from Moroccan hospitality schools to apply for jobs at institutions in Andalusia,” Di Maria added, explaining at the same time that this type of contract, known as the “Foreigner Section”, must be approved by the Immigration Ministry.

The same official believes that this proposal is dictated by the need to compensate for the decline in the number of young people in the Andalusia region, while the rest do not want to study and work in the hospitality or hotel business.

Professionals note that the hospitality industry only accepts applicants for temporary work, whether in the summer or on vacation, waiting for them to find a better job or return to school, calling for the professionalization of employees in this field so that they become more qualified. and better quality, in parallel with the interest in the waiter or chef to see the future in their profession.

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