May 25, 2023

This week, the Casablanca Court of Appeal reduced the sentence of MP Babur Al-Saghir (Constitutional Union) from five years to two and a half years in prison.

And the parliamentarian continues this case on charges of “fraud and the issuance of checks without conditions when filing.”

The court sentenced the convicted person to pay compensation to the fuel distribution company owned by Samir in the amount of AED 2,300,000.00, including the amount of checks and damages.

The parliamentarian was sentenced at first instance to five years in prison and a fine of 450,000 dirhams after being prosecuted on the same charges.

The story of the accusation of deputy Babur As-Sagir, who is a member of the Constitutional Union party, began with the theft of fuel and fuels and lubricants from the Lasamir company, since the latter stopped production in August 2015.

MP Babur Al-Saghir, as the owner and manager of two sales and distribution companies CarcoFrance and Sami Oil, has entered into a number of contracts with a subsidiary of Lasameer.

Due to the well-known financial problems of the Al-Muhammadiyya refinery, the two companies of the defendants were unable, according to the complaint filed by the aforementioned company, to fulfill their obligations, as they accumulated significant sums of money in the amount of 247,083,461.42 dirhams.

The plaintiff company claims that its attempts to reconcile with MP Babur As-Saghir have not been successful. Because the person concerned did not comply with the conciliation agreement concluded with him on November 12, 2015.

Thus, within the framework of transactions with two companies affiliated with the person concerned, they transferred guarantees of the aforementioned companies, including obligations issued by a notary, for the performance of sums of money within a certain period.

According to the judicial police documents, the applicant company undertook to pay an amount of 120,900,000,000 dirhams, part of which amounted to 16,625,000,000 dirhams.

On the other hand, Babur Al-Saghir, after listening to him in the protocols of the judicial police, stated that he provided the general director of the Samir company with guarantees, which consisted of signed blank checks, of a mortgage on a villa owned by him. , a bill of 60 million dirhams, as well as a joint and several guarantee from notaries.

The accused added that he set up a company called Gas House Company, which received a share of AED 3,000,000,000 of gas after paying off the fuel distribution company’s debt.

He also stated that he set up Sami Oil, which received AED 55,000,000 worth of fuel, indicating that he paid AED 67,000,000,000, leaving AED 15,000,000,000 at his disposal.

Babur Al-Saghir also said that he did not receive the three checks he handed over to the CEO of the Saudi Samir company Amer as a guarantee, and that he paid the dues to the plaintiff company, as well as the amount of 15,000,000,000 dirhams remained in its possession , and she still owned the villa’s mortgage and personal guarantee for an undisclosed sum.

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