March 23, 2023

During the meeting organized today, Saturday, in Oujda, as part of the Eastern Investor’s 20th anniversary events, on the speech delivered by King Mohammed VI in Oujda on March 18, 2003, during which he put forward a royal initiative for development of the eastern region.

In this context, Riad Mazur, Minister of Industry and Commerce, said that the royal vision included in the royal speech for 2003 is rapidly being realized in the eastern region and that it has benefited from an investment of 150 billion dirhams. to date, to provide quality infrastructure, indicating that this was the basis for initiating major investments.

In his speech on the occasion, Mazur noted that the next decade is the decade of the eastern region, which is considered the main engine of Morocco’s development and the gateway to the Mediterranean.

And he stressed that the ministry has more than 100 projects in the industrial sector that will provide 40,000 direct and indirect jobs in this area, pointing out that these figures are just a starting point in an area that has sufficient opportunities, in addition to which the size his competencies.

He explained that the industry has promising prospects in the east, the features of which have begun to emerge through the automotive industry, pointing to the APTIV “cable” plant, which belongs to industries related to the automotive sector and which will provide more than 3,500 jobs. , in addition to projects in heavy industry, they are currently being explored, in parallel with the rehabilitation of industrial infrastructure in all regions, such as industrial zones.

For his part, Mohchin Jazuli, Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister in charge of investment, selection and public policy evaluation, said that this AED 150 billion investment has allowed the region to have a third road network, and the airports that have opened the region to the world in addition to the port of Nador in the western Mediterranean, which will enhance the geostrategic potential of the region, which will become a Mediterranean center with more than 200 kilometers of coastline, El Gizouli adds.

The minister took advantage of the meeting to present an overview of the new investment pact and the opportunities it would bring to the region, which he said “under the enlightened leadership of King Mohammed VI has established itself as a model regional power.”

He emphasized that the region has an infrastructure that meets the highest international standards and that the population of the region is mostly young and highly qualified, pointing out that the universities of the region contribute to the preparation of more than 80,000 students whose talents compete with those of the main university centers in the country, recalling the prospects region in the energy sector Green affordability thanks to large renewable energy resources that attract the attention of investors.

Muhammad Siddiqi, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Rural Development, Water Resources and Forests, believes that the achievements of recent years have helped attract investors to the agriculture and rural development sector, despite the constraints it still faces at the local level.

My friend explained that the Green Morocco strategy is implemented through regional plans, which are comprehensive plans for each region and include other plans at the provincial level, noting that in this form, each plan takes into account the qualifications and limitations of the respective region in order to intervene according to their solution was purposeful and effective.

These schemes, in the words of the same speaker, aim to create local wealth, increase the value of agricultural products, create jobs, and work towards optimal water management to equate “the most production with the least amount of water,” in the context of addressing scarcity. rainfall through the modernization of the sector and the use of modern technologies.

It is noteworthy that the activities of Sharqiat Investor are organized in partnership between the province of the Eastern Region, the Council of the Region, the Regional Investment Center of the Eastern Region and the East Development Agency.

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