March 22, 2023

As expected, the eighth national conference of the National Union of Labor in Morocco elected Mohamed Zueiten as the new general secretary, succeeding Abdel-Ilah al-Khalouti.

According to the results announced by Jami al-Mu’tasim, the president of the conference, Zuiten received an overwhelming majority with 241 votes out of 292 valid votes.

Zueiten, who was Al-Khalouti’s first deputy and one of the leaders of the unions, worked for the Justice and Development Party, where he was an MP, from the constituency: Sale Medina and a member of the Bijidi team. in the House of Representatives during the legislative term 2016-2021, and he was also a member of the Committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Defense, Islamic Affairs and Moroccans Living Abroad, and maintains good relations with the leaders and members of the Association. and the Reform Movement, and maintains close relations with the Secretary General of the Justice and Development Party, Abd al-Ilah ibn Kiran, and all Bijidi leaders.

The Eighth National Congress of the National Trade Union of Trade Unions in Morocco has just started a pre-election meeting on the names of three candidates chosen by the congressmen of the union by secret ballot, and each of them, respectively, Mohamed Zuiten, First Deputy of Abdelila Al-Khalouty, the outgoing General Secretary, with 139 votes, in favor of it is followed by leader Jamea Al-Mu’tasim, the former general secretary of the union, who received 134 votes, while Abd al-Ilah Dahman, the deputy general secretary of the same union and an official from the National University of Education Manpower, received 113 votes, ranking third among three candidates for the position Secretary General of the Union.

Hamid ibn Al-Sheikh, member of the National Bureau of the National Trade Union of Morocco and head of the Preparatory Committee, came in fourth place with 106 votes.

Following this vote, leader Jamea al-Mu’tasim, head of the Eighth Congress who was one of Zwaiten’s rivals, failed to win the post of new General Secretary after there were signs that he might win.

This and the Eighth National Conference of the National Union of Labor in Morocco began yesterday, Saturday, and is expected to last until Sunday at the Moulay Rashid Children and Youth Complex in Bouznik under the theme “Fifty years of constant struggle for social justice”.

These are works that were attended by Abd al-Ilah ibn Kiran, General Secretary of the Justice and Development Party, before the literary report of the National Union Office, the financial report of the Union and the presentation. proposals for amendments to the regulations of the Union, before the approval of literary and financial reports after their discussion.

Members of the National Bureau of the Union are expected to be elected as members of the new National Council on Sunday and the final statement of the National Conference will be released.

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