March 25, 2023

Captain Abd al-Rahim al-Jami said that the legal profession suffers from a number of imbalances, including the fragility of the sector, the lack of values ​​and the lack of leadership connection with the requirements of the rules of the profession, as well as the weakness of the position of protection in the legal system.

During his participation in a symposium for the federal sector of lawyers, organized today, Saturday, in Rabat, Jamai confirmed the imbalances in the professional institutions of lawyers, as well as in the Association of Bar Associations. Al-Jami called for changes in order to strengthen the institution of the Association, the institution of the Association Council, as well as general meetings and increase their authority, and also considered it necessary to find a place and mechanisms for listening to the opinions of members of the rule of legal associations who intended to defend issues of the profession through marches and stops before parliament and before the ministry.

He also called for the values ​​of the profession, which he says are declining, to be enshrined in law, adding: “We complain about the imbalance of values ​​in the legal sector… There are no more values ​​and people are calling us that we have personal material interests and that we we are at enmity with the state treasury and the tax administration.”

Al-Jami also recorded that the position of the right to defense is weak”, saying: “To this day, we are still waiting for the state to recognize our right to access and be present in the discussion at the preliminary investigation (we still ask to be allowed to receive documents of the investigative file and continue to ask for a delay of half an hour during a meeting with the suspects while they are theoretically in custody.

Al-Jami emphasized the need to work towards strengthening the right to protection and giving it a real meaning in the legal system in accordance with the constitution that enshrines this right, and the necessary changes in various laws, including civil procedure and others.

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