March 25, 2023
Photo: Hespress

Hespress from RabatThursday, March 16, 2023 – 12:13 pm

Friends of Morocco, in partnership with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in the Kingdom of Belgium and the Duchy of Luxembourg, organized a symposium in Brussels on Wednesday on the theme “Women in Morocco today”.

Elham Qadri, Amina Al-Marini, Simon Suskind, Naila Al-Tazi, Amal Al-Falah Al-Sagroshni, Idris Al-Yazami, Fatiha Al-Saidi and Hakima Darmoush contributed to the discussion.

This symposium follows the call of King Mohammed VI to amend the Family Code. Overcome the imbalances and negatives identified by the implementation of the requirements of this Code in the field.

On the same date, more than 400 invitees attended, including political and diplomatic figures, economic and university figures, in addition to Moroccan competencies in various fields.

Speakers recommended that practical formulas be found to engage Moroccan women abroad in a dialogue on new generation reforms that would enable women to fully play their role in society. And the creation of an international network of Moroccan women abroad.

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