March 23, 2023

Abdelila Dahman, deputy general secretary of the National Trade Union of Morocco, said that the social, economic and political context in its national and international dimensions, as well as the interaction of trade union reality with these transformations in direct relation to the consequences of Corona and the Russo-Ukrainian war, require today to discuss options for fighting , on the eve of the union organizing its eighth conference. The end of this week, according to a solid foundation that evokes a complex social reality, and also takes into account the declining level of trust in union work and the erosion of union vision and struggle.

And while, as Dahman said in a statement to Al-Youm 24, if the main organizing stake of the Eighth National Congress is to renew the leadership of the National Union of Labor in Morocco in a democratic way, which expresses the will of the conferences and meetings that was established several decades ago, after the current General Secretary, Abdel Al-Khaluti Boga, two terms, in line with what is required by the current internal democracy. The leadership update now involves, according to Dahman, “adjusting our organizational, financial and struggle priorities in line with the recommendations of the unions, which able to provide answers that determine our collective stakes in the struggle and the trade union movement.

This is a collective function, according to MP Al-Halouti, “The Eighth National Congress should become in connection with it a moment of collective awareness of the current context in its various international and national dimensions that affect public policy in the country.” , which goes beyond what the social situation can create in terms of challenges at the geopolitical level and the urgency of updating the proposal.” the dynamism of the struggle, the positioning of the syndicate imposed by the shifts in the salaried elections and the stance of the government on September 8, and its desire to limit the effectiveness and influence of the union in the syndicate and the social system in an attempt to accumulate the will to destroy any attempt to restore the role and initiative in the ambiguous political and social field .

Dahman stressed that the future stakes of his trade union organization after the September 8 elections are determined by the nature of the reaction that must crystallize collectively to counter the impoverishing policies of the working class and groups of the Moroccan people in political and social life. , and the growing trend of what Dahman also called “the trend towards hegemony is being overshadowed by a business logic that makes quick profits and the exploitation of circumstance a top priority, rather than social and public policy making that attempts to limit the worsening social crisis and the collapse in purchasing power citizens.

And the union spokesman believes that “the stakes of the Eighth National Congress, although they seem organizational, since they are within the bounds of commitment and discipline to the laws that shape practice within the federation and the maintenance of internal democratic achievements, the Eighth National Congress, according to Dahman, always expects to open an important opportunity in a complex context to renew the stakes and what is related to the programs of action that meet the aspirations of the activists of the National Union of Labor in Morocco, and to renew the line of struggle and the vision of the struggle in accordance with its definition without the principles, starting points and foundations of the coordinate system of the federation.

In this sense, Dahman emphasizes that the conference is “not only a platform for renewed leadership, but also an opportunity to renew attitudes and visions, given the nature of the challenges posed by this political and social context, which calls for what he called “a collective gift to rally ranks.” strengthen the inner home and draw attention to the power of transformation taking place under the Union Bridge.” Which calls into question the strength of the organizational structure and its ability to absorb the consequences of these transformations in the collective consciousness.

Dahman expected that “The National Union will succeed in forming its leadership with a free and responsible democratic will, and with awareness and understanding of the intricacies of the scene, its problems, as well as the tasks of the unions and the struggle that it poses.”

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