May 24, 2023

Sports journalist Waleed Al-Faraj revealed the system of the next version of the Saudi Professional League Roshen for the 2024 season, indicating that it will be completely different from all previous versions.

Al-Faraj said on his Action with Waleed program: “Next season of the Saudi League will be completely different in terms of the number that will reach 18 teams and the participation of 8 foreigners in a match at the same time. ”

And he continued: “There will also be more contracts with elite stars, like Al-Nasr’s contract with Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo. So far, Al-Hilal and Al-Ittihad are expected to sign two international stars. to the government program to promote and strengthen Saudi Arabia’s Roshan League.”

He added: “As confirmed, there are clubs that have started preparing for next season and there will be some amazing names in the next edition of the league.”

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